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SoulCare Therapy

Your Personal Self-Care Specialists

We take the stress out of learning to relax (c).




Janna Cantu, MT-BC, CCFS

Tel: (956) 467-6011


"Every caregiver needs a caregiver."-  The National Institute of Mental Health
Who do you treat?

Anyone on whom lives, limbs, or souls depend.

Anyone whose calling exposes them to stress.

Past Clientele include:

Health Care/ Emergency Medicine

Police/ Search and Rescue

Social Work/ Foster System

Hospice/ Palliative Care

Judicial/ Prison System/ Lawyers

Bereavement /Funeral Services

Emergency Services

Emergency Dispatchers/ 911 Call Centers

Spiritual Ministers and Spouses

Military and Military Spouses

Psychologists/ Psychiatrists/ Therapists

Disaster relief workers

Shelter attendants

Crisis phone-line attendants

Care providers/family members of the disabled or the terminally ill

Spouses/ Caregivers of those with Dementia

The Bereaved

What do you treat? 

Professional Burnout

Caregiver/ Spouse/Family Burnout

Secondary PTSD

Compassion Fatigue




Lack of Self Care

How long will this take?

The brain responds rapidly to this set of symptoms- which is NOT a disorder.

The Accelerated Recovery Program typically takes 6 sessions.

Additional trauma processing sessions upon request.

Our goal is that you THRIVE (not cope) by RECOVERING.

The goal of proper therapy is to not need therapy.


You will be coached in self-care strategies and given an a unique self care plan

to avoid becoming traumatized/burnt out ever again.

What symptoms will be addressed?


depression/ anxiety


increased negative arousal

intrusive images/thoughts of clients' trauma/situations

work intruding on personal time

lowered frustration tolerance

dread of working with specific clients/people

increased transference/ counter transference in work

self-destructive behaviors

decreased professional competence

decreased feelings of value/joy in caring

diminished sense of purpose/enjoyment

reduced ego-functioning ( time, identity, self-will, etc.)

lowered non-professional setting functioning

loss of hope

self care techniques/personalized strategies to prevent future trauma

What else do you offer?

Self-care Retreats with intensive 1-1 care

Group Retreats

Post-treatment follow up care through telehealth

Consultation services for Employee Engagement

CEUs / staff psycho-education and wellness

 Teleheath based peer support groups

Music Therapy for Hospice and Military memorials

Wellness-based treatment team initiatives

Music medicine (c)

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

"Food and Mood" strategies to lower chemical dependence

for insomnia, depression, anxiety, pain,

and attention/cognitive issues

FDA approved Medical Devices that lower chemical dependence

for many mental health diagnoses