We start by asking, 

" What do you need from the music today?"

Sessions are held at tranquil, retreat-like settings dedicated to healing. 

Sessions are also held on Zoom (HIPAA compliant meeting room online).


Sometimes the live music facilitates talk style therapy...usually the music is the therapy.


Music brings to the forefront of the mind

whatever issue needs to be addressed most urgently.


The goal is not to "produce", but to experience healing and insight,

and to generalize those gains to practical, everyday life.

To "generalize" a skill means, " OK- now I know exactly how to apply this."

So the therapy assists you to transform things gained from or during the music

into useful things for your own personal situation.


After all, What good is therapy that only "works" when you are with your therapist?

Janna can provide all the live music or guide you in learning how to express yourself musically.

Janna has created a system of lyrics within music to easily train your brain in the Relaxation Response.

Many people find that writing song lyrics to an original melody created with Janna

becomes a lasting therapeutic treasure.

Songwriting is often useful with PTSD, in Prolonged exposure therapy, and during grief work.

Clients facing a terminal illness might engage in a life review:

creating a digital version of their life recorded-  

with their own music - to leave with loved ones.


 Interventions touch deep within, although they are non-invasive.

You might improvise or explore on harp, percussion, keyboard, stringed instruments like guitar,

or movement to music during your session. There is no "wrong" way. You don't even need to "know how to play".

Janna will guide you.

Clients often share something meaningful to them from Spotify or Youtube,

and that becomes a starting point for the session. 

Pain management and anxiety symptoms might be addressed using techniques

such as Guided Imagery or Vibroacoustic Therapy ( VAT),

during which Janna will transmit tones from her instruments-  

directly into your body- through a special bed. 

Learning music-assisted relaxation techniques,

such as progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) or deep breathing are often helpful tools.

Janna will guide you to make sure you are successful at using any tool she teaches you.

For what good are tools if they can't be used "when you need them"?

There are many evidence based techniques available to Music Therapists. 

Janna will assess, treat and document related to your overarching goal.

These documents are stored according to HIPAA  guidelines

and become part of your permanent medical history.


Janna will recommend a specific number of sessions

based on the complexity of your therapeutic goal. 

While private pay clients may choose

to continue the therapeutic alliance indefinitely,

some clients may be constrained by 3rd party insurance providers, medicare, or medicaid limits.