What is Music Therapy?

The accomplishment of individualized goals through the clinical and evidence-based use of live music interventions with a credentialed, professional therapist.


An established health profession

( similar to Occupational / Physical Therapy)



based on a vast body of evidence based, medical, psychological research supporting its effectiveness.

Doctors write orders for Music Therapy.

Includes physical, mental, emotional/ spiritual, cognitive, and social rehabilitative goals.

 The objective is not to become a musician,

but to transfer skills practiced during therapy

into specific, quantifiable

( you can see/document/count it)

and qualitative

( you can feel it)


It is a creative framework for tackling issues that require emotional support.


It can strongly influence mood and pain perception.


Music Therapy is non-invasive

and able to stimulate or sedate without drugs, pills or needles.

Neurologically speaking, Music Therapy is an excellent way to rewire thoughts and behaviors.

Music making re-routes neurons around damaged brain matter.