" I can breathe again."
Hospice Bereavement Client 2019
" More than anything
it is Janna's presence
that is healing and comforting..."
Hospice Caregiver, 2019
" Compassion Fatigue Treatment
for Pastor's Wives?
One word: Empowering."
S.A. area Client , 2019
" I've realized that togetherness
must be lived in the present.
Relationships change.
And so must I.
Also, I now have a method for physical relief-
not just my own mental relief!"
Memory Care Caregiver 2018
" I've learned that I'm allowed
to be kind to myself. "
A. Z., Compassion Fatigue Client, 2018
" Janna showed me that I did well
and I can get through it."
S.D. , Hospice Caregiver, 2017
" Instead of pain I feel...
beautifully strange...
Hospice Client on peaceful passing, 2018
All day long. Every day!"
Hospice Patient
with frontal lobe early onset dementia, 2019
"Janna, Thank you so much
for providing group Music Therapy
for our memory care unit.
You are so gifted that we didn't even realize
we were all part of the show. Such a joy!"
Senior Healthcare Admin., Kerrville, Texas. 2019

I want to thank you for everything you have done
to help me get through this grief.  Through your accelerated program I have learned to recognize  “compassion fatigue “ and have gained insight and tools to manage those moments of crisis. This program is God-based, unique and utilizes music, cognitive re-direction, relaxation techniques and strategies for moving forward.

The initial and periodic assessments throughout my sessions gave me the ability to see my progress as I moved through the program.
I am so thankful that Larry ( Hospice Chaplain) led me to you, it has changed me in many ways that I will only realize in the future.

There are so many people who would benefit from this program- I would recommend it to caregivers (whether professional or family), anyone going through grief of any kind, depression, anxiety, and any other emotional crisis.

Most of all, I am thankful that God works through you in this very special way- you are changing lives- I am proof of that-

Sincerely and with deep respect,
(  Accelerated Recovery Program , Sept.-Oct. 2018)
"I notice growth. I'm maturing daily now, I'm more aware of staying out of drama and arguments, so I've become more calm...thinking it through first. Janna's therapy assisted me to have depth to my communication. I have so much more self-control compared to before being Janna's client. I feel like I can actually connect with myself...and I felt that more through the music!I can now go into depth with my own feelings."
YES waiver trauma informed client, 2017
"Your contribution of music therapy at our Celebration of Life Memorial Service brought all the bereaved in attendance a sense of warmth, dignity, and respect with a lasting impression on each life that will last from here to eternity. You've blessed those of us professionals who serve in the times of sorrow for others."
Hospice and Palliative Care Lead Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator, San Antonio, 2017
" Your groups are so helpful! I feel more confident in myself. I am leaving a better person and a much stronger person. I can't wait to share the therapy songs with my family and friends." - Laurel Ridge Treatment Center Patient, 2014
" Janna was so kind and considerate. Her patient interaction was amazing. She has such a beautiful spirit. Janna was encouraging and inspiring. She was willing to actively listen and help me with a serious life transition."
Laurel Ridge Treatment Center Patient,  2014